Teacher Interview Day 2014
John Lance Arena
Weede Physical Education Building
Thursday, March 13, 2014 -- 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

No Registration Fee Required!
This event will have pre-scheduled interviews for each school/organization.
Each interview schedule has (10) 25-minute interview slots, (2) 10-minute breaks, (1) 30-minute open session, and a one-hour lunch break.
Please be sure to indicate the correct number of schedules below if multiple representatives will be attending.
Teacher Interview Day 2014 Questions
Number of Interview Schedules (i.e. Interview Tables) Needed:  

Click on the link below to indicate the teaching discipline(s) in which your school/organization is interested for each interview schedule.
Special accommodations or instructions needed for this interview schedule
Please provide name, phone, and email address of the best CONTACT PERSON for your organization in the space below. Information regarding the representatives actually attending Teacher Interview Day can be provided under the “Attendee Information” item below and on the next page.
Event Items
If additional representatives are expected to attend, please click on the "add attendee" button below.
The College of Education is providing lunch for this event. Do you plan to participate in this lunch?  
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